Why Financial Architects?

Although investment losses can sting, the only truly tragic life events are premature death, a disabling accident or illness or a long term debilitating health issue. These can truly alter the trajectory of a business or family. We care enough to confront these unpleasant possibilities so as to ensure that our clients properly protect those that they love.

Guiding families and businesses requires dedicated professionals, with the self-knowledge to manage the inherent conflicts we face as we try to live faithfully to our values. We take a people-centered approach to our planning.

Our advisors are structured in teams focused on clearly defined issues our clients face. We firmly believe that when more than one set of professional eyes looks at your problem, you get a better solution. Whether you own a closely-held business, are a caregiver for a child with special needs, are approaching or at retirement, we invite you to tap into our experience and deep knowledge of these subject matter areas.