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Business Planning from Financial Architects 
Let us facilitate the crucial conversations necessary to finish the planning you’ve been thinking about for years

Anthony Travato

Think about what would happen to your business if you, your business partner, or a key employee were to die or become too sick or injured to work. There's no doubt that this would have a tremendous impact on your business and its continued success. But there's good news: Financial Architects' business planning team can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Real problems, real solutions

Roger Smith and his wife, Dahlia, owners of a multi-generational family-owned business, were facing a dilemma when their CPA suggested they connect with Mike Anastasia at Financial Architects.

Roger was approaching 70, and thinking about slowing down to spend more time with his grandchildren. His two sons were both accomplished and worked in the business. He had consulted with many different advisors and concluded that he could not leave the business to the boys in a ’50:50’ split – there had to be a majority owner. Even if the boys were on best of terms, there could only be one decision maker. The trouble was, that neither Roger nor Dahlia had sat down with the boys to talk about what needed to happen: it was bound to be a tough conversation. Meanwhile, the business was running without any kind of succession plan and Roger knew that was dangerous.

Mike Anastasia was engaged and helped the couple with the technical details of how to set up an appropriate business succession strategy. Mike also helped navigate the delicate conversation about having to select one of the two sons as the leader in the business.

Roger and Dahlia are still active in their business, but thanks to their work with Mike Anastasia in collaboration with their CPA and attorney, rest easy knowing they have a plan to pass along the business to their sons – the way that they intended.

Meet our business planning team

Mike Anastasia

Marlene Dattilo, CFBS